The Power of Promotional Products

Boost Your Marketing Efforts with Promotional Products
by Scott Boyages

As a financial advisor you no doubt have a marketing plan or at least a strategy for attracting new clients and staying in touch with existing clients. Whatever those marketing efforts involve, promotional product can help.

Promotional Products by definition are giveaway or gift items that carry a marketing message and are usually handed out free of charge or obligation. Some use the terms ‘swag’ or ‘tchotchke’s’ to describe them. I think of them as the best way to insert your brand into otherwise hard to reach areas where people you want as clients are hanging out – the home or office.

Those giveaway pens or note pads that you can hand out at seminars — or leave behind after you meet with prospective or existing clients — act as a silent reminder of you and the recipient’s interaction with you. Long after your meeting or seminar has ended, promotional items are a terrific (and inexpensive way) to help create that much coveted top of mind awareness with people in a position to improve your income.

Here are some specific instances (along with product suggestions) where promotional items can have an impact:

Seminars- You’re speaking about a specific financial planning topic, attendees have to take some notes – have them do it with a branded pen and note pad. They’ll refer back to the notes and pens wind up on a desk or in the recipients kitchen.

Referral Thank You’s- Referrals are certainly a key element in building a client base. In addition to a thank you note consider sending along a nice pen or a food gift like a branded box of frosted pretzels. Remember you want to be remembered for the next referral in addition to saying thank you for the one you just received.

Leave Behind Gift after Client Meeting- When you meet with clients to review their portfolio and look ahead, consider leaving them with a gift item like a coffee mug filled with candies. It’s a nice touch – and that mug winds up in your clients kitchen

Promotional products work because they’re appreciated and remembered. They’re also cost effective because you control the distribution so there’s generally very little waste. Think of them as a low cost way to increase the effectiveness of your existing marketing efforts.

Scott Boyages is a 24 year veteran of the promotional products profession and works with several clients in the financial services industry. You can reach him at or visit his web site at

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